The Definitive Core Library Management System

Autolib Library and Information Management Systems have succeeded in enhancing traditional library management features to produce a core functionality that is second to none. Our core modules provide a solid, fully integrated platform which your library can build upon with our range of additional, "Plug-In" Modules...

Catalogue Module

Intuitive and detailed cataloguing.
Barcode scanner functionality.
Quick reference to regularly updated British MARC records with Autolib SAINT.
"Flexible Cataloguing" - Infinite customised media types.
Personalised layout with "Screen Manager".

Borrowers Module

Detailed borrower information.
Synchronises with your in-house Management Information Sytem (MIS) or Members Database.
Photo ID assignment.
Infinite number of group profiles.
Password and code management.

Circulations Module

Issues, renewals and returns.
Fingerprint scanning with VERIFY, IDENTIFY and SIDENTIFY (semi identification) modes.
Automatic email/letter borrower notifications.

Overdues and fines management and rules settings for all individuals and groups.

Holiday settings.


Reports Module

Default stock, circulation and withdrawal reports.
Tailor-made SQL script reports to obtain any information within resource database.
Support for creating custom reports.
Export reports into Microsoft Excel and other XML supported applications.