Autolib Support Customer Support Service - Troubleshooting Problems
The Autolib Customer Support Service is on hand to help our customers with any technical problems or user related issues that may arise with their Autolib system. In order to address each problem or issue expediently, we have set up several different ways in which the Autolib Support Team can offer their help.
Telephone Support - 01280 817 864

Our Phone Support Team is available during the week from 9am to 5:30pm.

Support for both technical problems / issues and general user queries is offered over the phone.
For more complex issues and troubleshooting your problem will be logged as a job by our support team and you will be contacted with updates on our progress. You are also able to track these jobs online.
Email Support
For general queries or problems using and installing Autolib products
For queries or troubleshooting regarding problems of a technical nature
Customer Login Area
The Customer Login Area is an interactive section of the autolib website designed to facilitate the communication between Autolib and its customers online. To enter, customers type in their customer code and password in the top left of the web page and click on the login button. Once inside the area, you are able to carry out a number of actions detailed below:
Autolib Job Tracking - If a reported Autolib problem is not resolved immediately, then it is logged as a job. The online job tracking facility enables you to keep up to date on each job that has been logged, detailing the expected completion date, the specific actions carried out to resolve the problem, as well as any jobs that require your action.
Autolib Support Forums - Ask our support team and other users questions online, or search our forums for quick answers for your Autolib problems. Each supported Autolib product has both a User Queries Forum and a Technical Queries Forum, depending on the nature of the problem or issue that needs resolving.
Downloads & Updates - Download updates and patches for your Autolib product by accessing this page of the Customer Login Area. Autolib documentation is also available here.
Customer Details - View and edit the contact and address details in our records. Change your password to the Customer Login Area. Keeping us up to date with your contact details is essential for ensuring that our support is reaching you.
For further information on the Customer Login Area, including your login details, please contact us at

Online Remote Problem Solving

In situations where the customer's IT policy and infrastructure (firewalls etc.) permit it, we are able to carry out work directly on your Autolib server desktops without the need to be on-site, using specialised remote access software. This has proven to be useful in circumstances that cannot wait for an on-site visit to be arranged. Contact us to find out whether this service is applicable to your system and IT infrastructure.