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Advanced Web OPAC solutions provided by Autolib

Thanks to the XML technology at the core of Autolib Library and Information Management Systems, the web OPAC's look and content is flexible and fully customisable to deliver a enquiry service that is specific to the needs of your end users. Our web-enabled systems make any information on your resources available over the Internet/intranet instantly after cataloguing.

Flexible Look and Feel

Customised Content
Advanced Optional Features
SDI Profiles
Personalise your end users' experience by creating profiles for each person or group, which can be edited in the management software and on the web OPAC. With SDI profiles, users can save their favourite searches, have the results emailed to them periodically, be alerted to new resources that fit their profile and more...
Advanced Bookings
Reduce the amount of unnecessary trips your users make to your library, by allowing them to reserve books via the web OPAC when they become available.
User Account Details
In order to sustain a highly level of efficiency for the use of your centre's resources, your users need to be kept up to date with the items that they are borrowing, the items they have reserved, or everything that they have borrowed previously. This is made possible by logging into the web OPAC.
Users can now renew their borrowed items from the comfort of their homes. They simply log into their personal account on the web OPAC, go to their list of current borrowed item and click on "Renew".
XML Portals
Allow your users to tap into other XML databases via the web OPAC. Configuring XML Portals relevant to your industry on your Autolib Library and Information Management System will dramatically increase the amount of useful information that you make available to your users.
Search Engine Integration
Bring the whole Internet within the scope of your searches by integrating Internet search engine technology into your web OPAC. Make Google™, Yahoo®, Lycos© and other search engines available to your OPAC users in one click of a button.
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